Flower delivery in Riga

Flower delivery in Riga and other cities is simple and beneficial. We will prepare the flowers of your choice and deliver them to the recipient on their doorstep.


Flower delivery and costs
4,00€ Delivery in Āgenskalns
6,00€ Delivery in areas: Dzirciems; Iļģuciems; Imanta; Kleisti: Ķīpsala; Rītabuļļi; Spilve; Voleri; Zasulauks; Atgāzene; Bieriņi; Bišumuiža; Katlakalns; Mūkupurvs; Pleskodāle; Salas; Šampēteris; Torņakalns; Ziepniekkalns; Zolitūde.
6,00€ Delivery in Riga city center and Old town.
7,00€ Delivery in areas: Beberbeķi; Bolderāja; DaugavgrīvaČiekurkalns; Jaunciems; Kundziņsala; Mežaparks; Mīlgrāvis; Pētersala-Andrejsala; Sarkandaugava; Vecdaugava; Berģi; Brasa; Brekši; Bukulti; Dreiliņi; Jugla; Mežciems; Purvciems;  Suži; Teika;  Dārzciems; Dārziņi; Grīziņkalns; Ķengarags; Maskavasforštate; Pļavnieki; Rumbula; Mārupe;  Šķirotava
13,00€ Delivery in (30 km. radius from shop): Jūrmala; Vecāķi; Trīsciems; Mangaļsala; Vecmīlgrāvis;  Babītes nov; Ķekavas nov.; Salaspils nov.; Stopiņu  nov.; Garkalnes nov.; Carnikavas nov.; Ādažu nov.


If the recipient cannot be reached by phone or they are not at home, the order delivery is returned to the Seller and is redelivered in another time (extra charge for an additional delivery) or it is possible to pick up the order free of delivery charge in our boutique – Nometņu street 9, Riga

We will inform you about the successful delivery by sending an sms.

If you wish to order an urgent flower delivery, please contact us by phone.


It is possible to deliver flowers to other cities in Latvia, arranging it separately by calling +371 29239897 or writing an e-mail to ainasziedi@inbox.lv

The orders are handled during working hours (Working days 8:00-20:00 – Saturdays 8:00-19:00, Sundays 10:00-18:00). If the order is placed outside working hours, the delivery will be made the following day starting from 10:00.

If you want your order to be delivered the same day, the order should be placed until 16:00 on working days and 12:00 on the weekends.

During holiday season, such as St. Valentine’s Day, 8th March, please kindly place your order 2-3 days in advance, for us to prepare and deliver it in the time and place of your choice.

The minimum order amount is 25.00 EUR